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Ooni Gift for Fathers day
Ooni Gift for Fathers day

Give Dad lifelong memories this Father’s Day

If you’re old enough to read this, your father has probably been doing this dad thing for awhile. And if he’s been doing this dad thing for awhile, he has probably celebrated Father’s Day with a barbecue or two. At this point, maybe you’ve even thrown him a barbecue or two.

This year, pay tribute to his awesomeness with an updated approach to his big day: A pizza party in which the whole family takes turns playing chef. It’s a novel way to engage everyone in dinner prep, learn a new skill together — and have a lot of fun along the way.

Maybe you’ve never made a pizza in your life… or maybe you think your dad will never set aside his trusty barbecue for a pizza oven. (If you need help selecting said oven, keep reading for a handy primer on different pizza oven styles.) Regardless, you can rest assured that with the right tools and just a little preparation, this Father’s Day meal will be one you’ll remember (and likely repeat) for years to come.

To get started, you’re going to need some dough. There’s no wrong approach here, so whether you choose to make your own or outsource it to the pros (cough), you’ll end up with a world-class pizza. Ooni pre-made dough balls can be delivered straight to your door, along with other gourmet pizza essentials; if you’d like to make it yourself, Ooni Classic Pizza Dough is a great go-to recipe to try. You’ll want to allow for ample time to thaw (pre-made dough) or proof (homemade dough), so remember that you’ll need to start well ahead of time. The payoff, though, will be well worth it.

We’ve also partnered with the AVPN to offer online pizza-making sessions to help you get a handle on working with pizza dough. Even if this isn’t your first time making it from scratch, the class comes with enough hands-on guidance and expert techniques that you’ll still come away with noticeably better results. (And it doesn’t hurt that pizza class is another thing you can enjoy with your father.)

Next, you’ll want to consider your toppings. Does Dad have a favourite that he always requests, or does he like to mix it up? Do you want to put together a topping bar so everyone can build a pizza to their own taste? However you choose to customise your approach, keep a couple of things in mind:

  • Distribution and weight are important factors when making your own pizza. Spread your toppings unevenly and some slices will be more appealing than others. Load up with too many toppings, and you may end up launching them straight off your pizza base.
  • In terms of your cooking approach, not all toppings are created equal. Some can be baked right along with your pizza base, but others may need to be blanched, pickled or sautéed beforehand. Still others may not need cooking at all, and can be added after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Before you begin actually cooking your pizza (which, by the way, is the fastest part), you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools on hand. Pizza peels are essential when working with a pizza oven that reaches 500°C; the Ooni perforated peel is our recommended peel for launching and retrieving pizzas, while the Ooni turning peel is smaller and more manoeuvrable so you can easily rotate your pizza as it bakes. You’ll also want a serving board nearby so you have a place to deposit and slice your freshly baked pizza.

Father's day dinner

Finally, for the oven itself. All Ooni pizza ovens heat up to 500°C in a matter of minutes and flame-cook pizzas in 60 seconds, but whether you’re buying one for your own use or gifting your father an oven, it’s important to look at where and how you’d like to use it. Ooni offers three types of pizza ovens in two different sizes, so factors like fuel preference, versatility, and portability all need to be taken into account.

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