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Ooni Christmas Blog
Ooni Christmas Blog

5 Reasons An Outdoor Pizza Oven Is The Best Gift

Gift-giving season is upon us, and we’re about to make your life a little easier. How? We just so happen to have created The Best Gift EVER. Something you can’t go wrong with even when it comes to the pickiest person on your list.

You see, here at Ooni, our mission is to share the gift of pizza and to help the world make pizza. We make pizza ovens. But not just any pizza ovens: World-class, take-anywhere, make-pizza-like-the-pros pizza ovens. And after nearly ten holiday seasons, we can say with certainty that unwrapping an Ooni oven will make someone in your life pretty darn happy.


Here are five reasons an outdoor pizza oven makes a great gift:

  • Having a pizza oven is fun. Lots of fun. This is just fact.
  • It makes throwing epic parties a snap (and increases their frequency)
  • We don’t issue official certificates, but we’re pretty sure that everyone gifted an Ooni oven is immediately and forevermore regarded by friends and family as a certified pizzaiolo
  • You will never cook again since the recipient of your present will soon begin making pizza every weekend (it happens, believe us)
  • Everyone loves pizza. Everyone!
  • Now that we’ve established that a pizza oven is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone, you know you can’t go wrong with any model (check out our full range here). But here’s the beautiful thing. Picking an oven for someone is also an opportunity to show (or show off!) how much you know them. See, the built-in stone baking floor in every Ooni model gets piping hot to ensure a crispy crust on each bake. But our ovens are designed with different kinds of pizza makers and locales in mind. If you’re buying an Ooni for someone you know well, consider which oven would best fit their lifestyle. You get to show your thoughtfulness. They love you forever. We’re pretty sure that’s how this works.

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