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12 inch Ooni pizza ovens
12 inch Ooni pizza ovens

Durable Ooni ovens are built to last

Since the creation of the very first Ooni oven, we’ve designed our ovens to last. Our skilful engineers combine durable materials like powder-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, cordierite stone and borosilicate glass that stand up to the elements in any climate and outlast the competition. While you shouldn’t use your Ooni in severe weather, light rain and snow won’t impact your oven’s performance whatsoever.

But you don’t have to take it from just us.

Longtime Ooni owner of six years, Thomas K. says:

“My Ooni oven has been there for family gatherings, birthdays, Christmas and camping, often keeping 10–15 hungry mouths satisfied! Not just pizzas and bread but steaks, chicken and vegetables.”

Jeff T. has used his Ooni ovens for four years and says:

“I have three Koda 16s and love them. I cook more than 1,000 pizzas a year for festivals, weddings, parties, you name it. They have been super reliable and have allowed me to cook a Neapolitan-style [pizza] that nobody else in my area does.”

And Sammi M., who bought her oven before we changed our name (that’s six years ago!), says:

“We bought the multi-fuel Uuni Pro in 2018, and we love it! Makes not only the best pizzas but also bread and steaks are fantastic cooked in it.”

The durability of Ooni ovens means you’ll have a cooking companion for years to come. Learn more at

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